Credits / labourers

Max Moswitzer
Margarete Jahrmann
Brigit Lichtenegger aka evolutie from V2_lab

Nybble-engine-toolz by Margarete Jahrmann/Max Moswitzer was developed in cooperation with the V2_lab Rotterdam and first installed at the exhibition "metadata" at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival 03 at Showroom MAMA and the site at the las palmas exhibition hall in Rotterdam.
Special thanks to Alex Adriaansen who got fascinated by nybbles and Anne Nighten,  manager at the V2_lab.

Thanks for the lecture concert for 3 people and seven action-bots to the climax-team 
member F.E. Rakuschan and for audio technics to Rudi Wynants. 
Thank you for chillout music to Andreas Kunzmann.

Contact: Climax-Team

special thanks for sintering support to Roberto Krenn, Rapid Product Development G.m.b.H.

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